About Fiendish Imp

We’re a little company. The term small business is technically correct, but it doesn’t seem to describe our smallness very accurately. When I think of a small businesses I think of a modest warehouse and office, only a couple expensive industrial machines, something like a dozen employees. That isn’t right at all. There’s just two of us.

The Girl Makes Stuff

Emese Dome attended fashion design school in Vancouver, and since then has worked professionally doing fittings for clothing alterations, machine embroidery, and as a seamstress. She started making corsets at home as a way to put her skills and creative energy to good use, and to avoid doing the dishes.

Fashion design and garment construction had always interested her, but the realm of corsetry was a true challenge, and one she wanted to take seriously. Since starting Fiendish Imp she’s devoted herself to the craft full time.

Em makes other things, too, and we’re starting to incorporate skirts into our fledgling product line at the moment. She’s always pushing herself to do better, to learn, and to try doing things in new and interesting ways. Not even she knows what she’ll be stitching together a month from now, but she won’t put it on the website if it isn’t wicked great.

The Guy Does Things

Christoph Sushnyk has worked professionally as a writer, graphic designer and web developer for almost twenty years. His efforts at garment construction have been somewhat less successful, even if interesting from a scientific perspective, so Em mostly keeps him sitting at the computer where he belongs.

He made this website, manages our social media channels, designs the logos, business cards and whathaveyou, and he’s writing about himself in the third person as we speak.

He also complains about trips to the fabric store, which is a massively underrated component of his role in the business.