A Party For Cats! (10% Off All Orders)

He will stop at nothing to ensure our customers are getting a good deal. He’s out of his mind!

Man, you should have been there. Cats get up to some crazy shit on a normal day, but give them one little bowl of fermented gerbil viscera and they revert to a feral state, climbing up the walls and whatnot. They get mean, too–one of them called me frumpy!

We were celebrating the grand opening of our new shop, you see. After working on it quite a lot over the past couple weeks, it felt like it was finally time to let loose and take a night for ourselves.

Big mistake.

My memory is hazy. I’m not exactly sure how it all went down, but the crux of it is that my cats got into the server and put up a coupon code for a blanket 10% off on any order. Yikes! Can we even afford that? I have medical bills to consider after that party.

I’m too hungover to take the coupon down right now, though. I think I’ll probably get around to it by the end of the month. Yeah, let’s go with that–the sale should last through April 30th.

Just enter the code CATPARTY in the cart or at checkout, I guess.

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